Fr. Louis


Fr. Louis Merosne always had a love for Haiti. He was born there but moved to the United States in 1993. He talks about how, even though he grew up very poor, his parents always taught him to love God and help the poor.

After completing his studies at the Franciscan University of Steubenville (FUS), he returned to Boston in order to work to pay off his student loans so he could join Blessed Mother’s Teresa’s priestly order, the Missionaries of Charity Fathers in Mexico. God seemed to have other plans.

In 2011, Louis became “Father Louis” as a priest in the Diocese of Anse-à-Veau and Miragoâne! God made it clear to him that his calling was in Haiti, but his time preparing to go to Mexico afforded him an opportunity for detachment. Always expressing gratitude to the Blessed Mother for guiding and protecting his vocation, he now continues to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to love the poor in Haiti and, occasionally, in the US and other countries. To find out more about Father Louis visit

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