Catholic Digest Meets Haiti180






By Lynn Wehner

Yes, Catholic Digest met Haiti180. Well, pretty much, anyway. You see, the popular magazine first met our Haiti180 ministry last year … when we were Mission Haiti.

But I digress.

They highlighted the 10th anniversary of the mission in their “Love Your Neighbor” section last December, publishing an interview with Sean in which he shares how and why this whole mission began — and where he sees it going. Check out Sean’s comments in the link … It’s a great read for all of you who love Haiti180 and believe in what we’re trying to do.

Less than a year after this article appeared, it’s so exciting to see where we’ve come, as the medical facility is now well underway and a new project — the elderly home Kay Martina — is in planning. We even have a new name and renewed focus, as we work hard to do our part in turning around this poor island nation.

And through it all, something never changes: God continues to amaze us with His grace. As Sean says in the interview when asked what he would consider his highlight on this journey:

“It would have to simply be God’s faithfulness to the entire project. We have a dedicated, loyal team of staff and missionaries, but we are at the mercy of the Lord—and we live in grateful awe of how he continues to provide for our every need.”

Whether we are Mission Haiti or Haiti180, we are called to love and serve. And to be grateful, for God is ever faithful.

Peace & Blessings … Lynn



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