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By Lynn Wehner

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 6.35.09 PMSo are you a missionary? Why yes, yes you are. We ALL are.

Check out my recent post at the CatholicMatch Institute, “Mission Work — Who Me?” — and reflect on the mission territories in your own life. Maybe it’s time to start on the path that God has laid out for you.

And want to know an easy way to begin? All you have to do is go to a concert. (Seriously people, who knew this would be so easy?!)

Mission work surrounds all of us. Look no further than Sean’s experience and example for proof of that. Yes, surely he’s a missionary when he is holding the orphaned children in Haiti. Surely he’s a missionary when he is visiting the elderly who have been abandoned in Haiti’s mountains. But, just as surely, he’s a missionary when he is singing and preaching the truth of the Gospel to teens and adults at events across the U.S.

Next weekend (November  15 & 16), Sean will combine those two “mission territories” — and you get to be a part of it! He’ll be performing the Rock for Grandma concerts, sharing the truth of the faith, premiering his new album, and raising money to build a home for Haiti’s forgotten elderly. Get your tickets today and help us with this important mission work!

Join us at the concert. Invite others to attend. Fun, good music, and inspiration await you! And, believe it or not, you’ll be diving right into the heart of mission work — by helping the poor, loving the lonely, and building the Kingdom of God.



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IMG_4172 copy

Every year as we move from late summer into early fall, one major thing seems to hold true in life: change.

Days are getting shorter, and nights here in the northeast are shifting toward sweatshirt weather. Exit the popsicles, bring on the chili and hot apple pie. It’s back-to-school for the kids, “good-bye” for all of you returning to college, and new milestones for recent grads.

And, oh yeah, did you happen to notice? Here at our mission home base, we’ve had a little change, as well: our very name. Welcome to the new website home of Haiti180!

Yes, somehow in the middle of a summer in which Sean traveled non-stop — performing, recording, and speaking all over the country — we found the time and energy to make this important move.

Our roll-out recently met the public eye at a New Hampshire music festival called Soulfest, surrounded by our team — and around 10,000 of our closest friends! More on that story — and a bunch of cool pics of Sean and the band — in an upcoming post.

Yes, it has been a summer of activity … and change. And we hope the changes we’re making as a mission team continue to translate into real changes for Haiti.

Because if you haven’t guessed, that’s the reason for our new name. Haiti180 … as in, shifting Haiti 180 degrees — a true reversal for those living in poverty there.

Return here to the site often for updates. And text the word “Haiti180” to 50555 to receive texts (maximum 4 per month) and follow the excitement as we continue to care for the children of the Kay Mari orphanage, work on the medical clinic, and plan our elderly home.

Change can be exciting. Be a part of it, and help us to ensure that Haiti180 lives up to its powerful new name. Let’s turn Haiti around … together!








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