Our Mission

The Clinic


The front-and-center project in the mission is to build a medical clinic that can treat and care for the people in the villages of Duverger and Dandann. This massive structure of healing will allow women to give birth in a safe environment instead of alone in shabby huts. We will be able to perform small procedures, blood work, dental care, eye exams, and take x-rays. This clinic will save countless lives and give the villagers a place closer to home for treatment instead of having to walk for many hours to find help.

The building and equipment have been funded and the equipment is on its way to Haiti!
Our next objective is to fund the salaries for the Haitian doctor and two nurses – please join Team180 to help fund the $55,000 per year for this purpose and start saving lives!

Missionary and Medical Staff Housing

We desperately need to build missionary and medical staff housing. This building will be able to house 30 missionaries and doctors. There is so much work to be done and we need those who visit to be able rest and feel some comfort of home to be able to unwind and relax after a long day of work.

Would you, your friends and family and/or church consider sponsoring a room?

Men’s Dorm (sleeps 20) $25,000 left

Women’s Dorm (sleeps 20) $25,000 left

Doctor’s housing (10 rooms) $45,000 left

Common area / Living Room $25,000 left

Kitchen $15,000 left

Men’s Bathroom $7,000 left

Women’s Bathroom $7,000 left

Septic System $5,000 left



At our core, the mission of Haiti180 is to create the opportunity to form well educated leaders of faith for the future of Haiti and to make sure every child in our care has a childhood that is filled with love and joy. With your love, support, and prayer, we have been blessed with the opportunity to broaden our focus, reaching out to the poorest of the poor from the young to the old professing God’s love through our developments in education, medical care, housing, and so much more for the kind and loving people of Haiti. We are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and together, we can turn it around.


Our History

Click here to learn about our history and discover how the mission of Haiti180 began.




Thanks to God’s Grace and your willingness to support the mission, we have completed a home for the elderly that have absolutely nothing, a school in Duverger, a church in Duverger, and the Kay Mari orphanage.


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Kay Martina – Home for the elderly

Many elderly people die alone in the mountains from starvation and loneliness. Parents don’t have enough money or food to feed both their children and grandparents so the elderly often go without. Our Kay Martina homes will help the abandoned elderly find a place of rest and comfort. They are treated with dignity and love and have instant grandchildren from the children of the orphanage! It’s a beautiful match! The first elderly woman we asked to come live with us in one of the Kay Martina houses said she was so excited to do so but greatly wished that we had children nearby. Boy was she in for a treat!

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Kay Mari – Orphanage

We prayed about the perfect name for our orphanage and Kay Mari (which means House of Mary) came right to our hearts. What home could invoke a more warm sense of love and home than Mary the mother of Jesus’ home? It is that model of love and tenderness that we strive to imitate. The missionaries who come to Kay Mari’ remark on how much love and joy there is here. In fact, Child Services of Haiti told us we were one of the best orphanages they had ever seen because of the joy of the children and its cleanliness! These children arrived at our gates near death with no smiles and we thank God because now it is their smiles that light up Kay Mari with peace and joy!

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Immaculate Conception – School

Before this beautiful school was established the children went to school in run down shacks with leaky roofs. Immaculate Conception school can hold 500 children and you can see their sense of dignity and pride as they enter the classrooms. Our curriculum is top notch and our teachers are excellent! The children will speak three languages when they graduate!

The Teachers of Immaculate Conception


Your prayer and support are crucial to the success of this mission. Thank you.


Our Budget

From our staff in Haiti to food, maintenance, gas and laundry, your donations feed, clothe, educate, and provide shelter to the children and elderly of Haiti180. Here is a look at how we distribute our operations budget:



Haiti’s Lost and Forgotten

Many people hear of the poor orphans of Haiti, the starving and the suffering. But an entire generation of lost souls in this poor island nation are often forgotten or rejected by their families who have no means to care for them. You can find them right next door or tucked away high in the mountains. They are Haiti’s elderly.


Up the mountain in a lonely little hut lives a woman named Genevieve. Well into her eighties, she lives alone — separated from her relatives who live in a nearby hut but are too poor to spare food for a woman who, in their eyes, is not useful and unable to work. They see her not as a human person with dignity, but as a mere waste of space. Often Genevieve’s only activity for an entire day will be to cook herself a plantain to eat. She looks out to see her very own grave, sitting open, waiting for her in her front yard.

But James 1:27 reminds us, “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.” It is in responding to this call that Haiti180 is moving into action — with visits to those like Genevieve and a budding plan to build a home for the elderly in our village of Duverger.

Our most recent trip over the treacherous mountain road to see Genevieve was a life-changing experience for both her and the missionaries who met her. She had been praying specifically that day for God to send her friends, companions to get her through the day — and our missionaries arrived with food, medicine, and hearts and hands of service. She found hope again in simple acts of love, as someone massaged her achy back and rubbed lotion into her wrinkled hands.

Genevieve has stolen our hearts, as have many other elderly people in this and the surrounding villages. And we know it is time to do more. Building a home for these forgotten souls will give them back their health and their dignity to infinitely improve their quality of life.

Our hope is to build this home near enough to the orphanage, Kay Mari, so that the children, the very youth of Haiti, can learn to love and appreciate the poor and destitute — and bring them joy. The children can put on programs and shows for them, bring them food, and visit them daily. The youthfulness and energy of the children will bring life again to the elderly who often go for weeks without having a conversation with another person.

God calls us to visit the widows. He calls us to care for the lonely, starving, and suffering ones that are so close to His heart. To help them know their innate dignity and to know love. We hear this call and know we have an opportunity to bring this love to them that can truly change their lives — and we don’t intend to let the opportunity pass by. Please join us in this special part of our mission!

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