What is it?

Team180 consists of people who believe in the mission of Haiti180 to feed the poor, clothe the naked, befriend the lost and lonely, and help foster strong leaders among our youth in Haiti and in the United States. Team180 members pledge to to make a monthly gift of $15.00 or more (that’s only 50 cents a day!). Team180 members truly take to heart God’s message to care for the poorest of the poor. We pray you will join our team.

What do #TEAM180 members receive?

  1. A bimonthly podcast with Sean Forrest about faith and works including special guest speakers!
  2. A welcome package including Sean Forrest’s new book: The Three Questions…and the answers that could save your life!
  3. Free downloads of Sean Forrest’s music.
  4. The knowledge that you helped to feed hungry children and are helping to foster educated men and women of faith that will be leaders in their communities.

What does the money do?

  1. Feeds the children at the orphanage.
  2. Supports the Haitian caretakers of the children.
  3. Supports education at our amazing school.
  4. Supports our homes for the elderly at our hospice care buildings.
  5. Supports our Medical clinic and doctors.
  6. Provides food for our out reach program for destitute families in the hills.
  7. Provides for our food program for our school students (many come to school without having eaten for a day or two).
  8. Helps to build homes for those who have none.
  9. Keeps the mission programs alive which minister to the poorest of the poor.
  10. Provides transportation to the hospital for those who have no money.

Join #TEAM180 Today

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